JChem for SharePoint - How to use the Calculated Image Webpart

tutorial · 11 years ago
JChem for SharePoint

Short video describing how to display advanced structure information using the JChem Calculated Image webpart

Welcome to the tenth training video of the JChem for SharePoint Installation and Usage series.
This episode will show and explain how to display advanced chemical details for structures using specialized calculation functions in JChem Calculated Image Webpart.
Let's create a new webpart page. Add to the right side the NCI 100 list. This list will be used as the source for processing.
Add to the right side the Calculated Image webpart from the JChem group.
This is a connected webpart. Set in the Connections menu to get to row from the NCI list.
Edit the webpart properties.
Select the structure column and the calculation function - Charge.
Save and return to the page.
Repeat the same steps and add two more Calculated Image webparts, with the calculation functions Polarizability and Huckel Analysis.
Save the page.
The previously added webparts render the structure from the connected row with additional information supplied by the specific calculation plugin.
Please check the next videos to discover other advanced features of JChem for SharePoint.