JChem for SharePoint - How to use the JChem Charting

tutorial · 11 years ago
JChem for SharePoint

Short video describing how to display histogram charts using the JChem Charts webparts.

Welcome to the ninth training video of the JChem for SharePoint Installation and Usage series.
This episode will show and explain how to display histogram charts for chemical properties from a list with structures using the JChem Charting feature
The Silverlight and Microsoft Charts webparts can be used for numerical columns in SharePoint lists, either computed with the JChem Chemical Terms field or manually typed.
We will use as source the NCI 100 list.
Let's add a few JChem Chemical Terms columns to compute the following:
- mass
- acceptor count
- donor count
- rotatable bond count
- atom count
Now let's create a new webpart page to display the histograms. Give it a friendly name.
Click to add a webpart in the top section. Select the Visifire Charts from the JChem group.
Click to add another webpart in the top section. Select the Microsoft Charts from the JChem group.
Let's edit Silverlight Charts webpart properties.
In the JChem group let's type the source list: NCI100.
In the source columns, type the column names separated by ;.
save the webpart and return the page.
Repeat the same steps for the Microsoft Charts webpart.
The charts are displayed correctly for the selected columns in the list.
Please check the next videos to discover other advanced features of JChem for SharePoint.