JChem for SharePoint - How to use the JChem Structure Field

tutorial · 10 years ago
JChem for SharePoint

Short video describing how to store and render structures in SharePoint 2010 using the JChem Structure Field

Welcome to the second training video of the JChem for SharePoint Installation and Usage series.
This episode will show and explain how to use the basic feature of storing and rendering structures in SharePoint lists.
The first step is to create a new custom list. Give it a friendly name.
Now let's add a JChem Structure column.
This is a special custom field which can store structures in different formats and it's capable of rendering them with different drawing settings.
We will leave the default options selected.
After this training session, please come back to this field's settings and try all the various rendering and storing options.
Save the column.
Let's enable list versioning, to keep track of the changes made to the structures.
Now let's add two items in the list: Benzene and Naphtalene.
Let's change one of the items and delete the other one.
Now we have only the first item modified. Let's try to restore the Benzene from the version history and the Naphtalene from Recycle Bin.
As you can see, we have now reverted to the initial list.
Finally, you can add multiple Structure columns to the list, each with different settings, or change the current column's settings as desired.
Please check the next videos to discover more advanced features of JChem for SharePoint.