JChem for SharePoint in Cloud Environment

tutorial · 10 years ago
by Catalin Boldan (ChemAxon)
JChem for SharePoint
JChem for SharePoint is a SharePoint Service Application deployed in a SharePoint farm and integrates with SharePoint infrastructure; it is manageable through Central Administration and each server can be chosen to host our solution by a click of a button. JChem for SharePoint integrates with native lists and offers easy structure editing using multiple editors. It enables calculation of several structure expressions (atom count, carbon count, mass, etc.). Also allows the usage of calculations which result in other structures (Bemis-Murcko, tautomers, etc.). You can use our calculated fields to render charts (Visifire, Microsoft Charts) in custom webparts. View information like charge, polarizability on structure images using JChem Calculated Image Webpart which connects to a SharePoint list and uses JChem Structure Field as a source. JChem for SharePoint integrates with content libraries allowing users to add chemical molecules to Wiki pages, create blogs with chemical structures and even discussion boards containing threads with molecule structures. It enables drag and drop structure resizing and in near future chemical expression results could be added to these content. By adding our JChem Structure Filter webart users can filter SharePoint lists using structures which are edited using various editors. Result in structures will show he substructure that was matched on the resulting molecules for a cleaner look and making structures easier to identify.