2018 Fall Dev News

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on 03 09 2019

Strong kick off for the fall season by releasing 2 new software solutions. Read more news!

ChemAxon Assay - NEW

Our assay data uploader application is one of the newest additions to our portfolio. It provides interactive and automated methods for uploading, standardizing and storing processed assay data.
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Standardize assay data

Chemicalize Pro: Add chemistry to your website in a minute

Our new cloud service helps embed chemical drawing, chemical search, phys-chem calculations & predictions, and controlled substance detection to your web environment. Not to mention - it's as easy as adding a video to your site!
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Zosimos Education - NEW

An online chemistry education platform, that aims to improve chemistry-related classes globally with interactive lectures and assessments. Teachers can also benefit from automated evaluations and publicly available tutorial materials.
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Plexus Connect: Embedded data visualization

Charting options were added to the latest version. Among other types of histograms and scatterplots with curve fitting are available to visualize your data.
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Synchronized scatterplots, histograms and chemical databases in Plexus

MadFast: Property space in overlap analysis

Additional properties (imported or calculated) from the input molecules can be used in the overlap analysis visualization. These properties can be displayed and filtered among the dissimilarity values on the similarity based overlap visualization UI.
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Marvin: Faster reaction drawing and structure-CAS Registry Number® conversion

Major improvements in drawing reaction mechanisms in relation to drawing and editing speed. From now on, chemical structures can be converted to CAS Registry Numbers®, retrieved via public web services, under the 'Structure to Name...' menu.
(CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, is the authoritative source for a CAS RN®. Please contact CAS at help@cas.org for more information about assignment and validation of a CAS RN®. CAS RN® is a registered trademark of the American Chemical Society.)

A new shortcut (Ctrl+D) was introduced for copying objects as an OLE (available only if .NET Marvin libraries are installed).

Gif of step by step

Marvin JS: Easier handling of embedded and S-groups

The latest release enables the possibility to attach data to S-groups. Working with embedded groups has also been improved by preventing the drawing of partially overlapped groups.
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Canvas and screen of BioEddie

BioEddie: Multi-selection with HELM viewer and monomer preview

Multiple monomers can be selected now within a sequence, and your selection is also highlighted in the HELM viewer below the canvas. You can see a preview of a monomer by hovering above it in the monomer library.

Screenshot of instant Jchem interface

ChemLocator: Biological taxonomy and Instant JChem integration

Search in Instant JChem for scientific literature with the power of chemical and biological entity recognition. We've partnered with SciBite to provide even more sophisticated text analytics functionality.
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