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on 05 07 2023

Overcome challenges in collaborating with CROs

Working with CROs in the biotech or pharma industry has its unique challenges, many of which fall under different aspects of the human and technical elements. The human element, people working together, includes activities like communication, aspects of collaboration, and documentation of the process. The technical element is the infrastructure supporting the project members, and includes making sure that the system is secure, robust, and efficient.

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Project documentation poses its own set of difficulties. One of these is the need to increase the quality of data received from CROs. Powerpoint files which are not integrated with the main access-controlled systems, make version and progression tracking near impossible in silos, resulting in inefficiency, meaning a longer time to synthesis. Exporting chemical structures in various file formats can lead to the loss of information, particularly regarding stereochemistry. Additionally, the management of static files scattered across different locations, often with version numbers, creates frustration and complexity.

Chemaxon's Design Hub presents innovative solutions to overcome the complexities related to project documentation when working with CROs. To improve the quality of data received from CROs, Design Hub uses a centralized and secure environment that enables seamless communication and collaboration among project members. The platform ensures efficient version tracking and progression monitoring, mitigating the inefficiencies caused by separate PowerPoint files and access-controlled systems. This streamlined approach significantly reduces the time to synthesis, making the drug discovery process faster.

Another key aspect of project documentation is the preservation of chemical structure information. During the export of chemical structures, the platform prevents the loss of vital data, particularly concerning stereochemistry. This feature helps researchers maintain the integrity of research findings, enabling them to make more informed decisions on the next steps.

Having static files scattered across different locations, often with version numbers can create frustration and complexity for project leaders and research teams. By providing a centralized repository, Design Hub streamlines file management, data organization, and accessibility, enabling researchers to stay focused on their core objectives and increasing overall project efficiency.

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