A New Format for the Efficient Storage of Molecular Structures

poster · 22 years ago
by Ferenc Csizmadia, P├ęter Csizmadia (ChemAxon)
JChem Base

The presentation looks for the answers regarding new, efficient storage of molecular structures. The pdf file gives a short summary about the problem itself, it gathers the possible solutions and in the end of the presentation it will suggest one.

The internet is too slow to handle a large number of molecules in a minimum available time. The problem won't be solved if the molecular data is stored in a standard format or in some proprietary binary format. The major solution that is introduced in this presentation is the compressed molfiles or csmole files. The second part of the presentation focuses on the searching in a network chemical database with the solutions of ChemAxon's softwares that can import and export csmol files (MarvinSketch, MarvinView and JChem).

The 5th International Conference on Chemical Structures (5th ICCS), Noordwijkerhout, June 6-10, 1999