Analysis of the NCI60 drug toxicity patterns using ChemAxon's 3D alignment tool

poster · 7 years ago
by Miklós Szabó, Anna Lovrics, Csaba Magyar, Gergely Szakács (ChemAxon, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
3D Screen

The NCI-60 panel is a collection of 60 human cancerous cell lines maintained by the National Cancer Institute. Since 1990 more than 100,000 chemical compounds and natural products have been screened against these cells providing a vast repository of molecules for which both toxicity data and structural information are available. In this study our aim was to quantify the structural coherence of compounds showing similar toxicity patterns. Structural similarity was calculated based on molecular descriptors and using ChemAxon’s 3D alignment tool. Molecule pairs, which shared similar biological toxicity patterns and could be aligned in 3D but were dissimilar based on the Tanimoto distance between their chemical fingerprints were tagged as potential scaffold hopping candidates. Selected candidates were further analyzed in silico. Our results suggest that ChemAxon’s 3D alignment tool can be used to couple biological information with structure-based data to identify structure–activity relationships.

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