J-STRIKE(TM) : Structure Information and Knowledge Explorer Web-based compound database management system

poster · 14 years ago
by Takahiro Ohshima (Infocom Corporation)

Compound database management system is the critical component of the drug discovery research in pharmaceutical companies, for all the information related to drug discovery workflow is centralized to the system. The identifier of a synthesized compound uniquely generated from the database system should be used in the following drug discovery workflow, and should be linked to other systems seamlessly. We, INFOCOM, developed a next generation compound database management system (J-STRIKE) by utilizing ChemAxon’s JChem toolkits and our know-how accumulated through drug discovery systems integration in pharmaceutical companies for more than 20 years. We will describe J-STRIKE and how we integrate J-STRIKE with other systems such as assay database system, ActivityBase, data-mining system, Spotfire and others.