M-Screen: An Open-Source, Web-Based Application Package that Integrates Compound Management and High Throughput Screening Data Analysis

poster · 11 years ago
by Richard R. Neubig, Martha Larsen, Paul D. Kirchhoff, Renju Jacob (University of Michigan)

High-throughput screening (HTS) campaigns generate massive amounts of data. To utilize this data most effectively, researchers need the ability to efficiently identify active compounds, compare results across multiple screens, access follow-up data, and find structurally related analogs of active compounds. M-Screen is a custom built open-source application that processes HTS data and provides a web-based interface to visualize and simplify the hit-to-lead decision making process. M-Screen suits typical academic collaborative initiatives and has the flexibility to accommodate data from different types of screens. With its compound inventory management and in built Quality Control (QC) systems, M-Screen integrates all elements of the discovery process to be performed in a single environment, thereby reducing support burden and improving experimental work flow.