MarvinSpace: molecule visualisation application and toolkit

poster · 15 years ago
by Miklós Vargyas, Ferenc Csizmadia, Alex Allardyce, Judit Papp (ChemAxon)

An ever increasing number of molecular structure visualization tools are being developed by cheminformatics companies, academic research labs and recently by the open source community. Many of these tools have become popular and are widely used by professional researchers, public websites providing chemistry data and also for educational purposes. It also has to be admitted, that these software work well, they provide good image quality, are rich in features and do not show stability or performance problems. So why implement "yet another molecular structure visualization software”?

ChemAxon already has an active chemical editor and viewer development as well as a plugin technology for property prediction. From our users and own experience we felt that none of the existing visualization tools provided all of the key features in one device and that some functionalities are not available, particularly;

  • web-enabled high quality rendering
  • managing very large complexes
  • all types of common molecular surfaces are available
  • molecular properties are mapped on surfaces
  • interactive monitors and controls
  • platform independent
  • available as programmers toolkit (Java API)
  • professional support

MarvinSpace, ChemAxon's new 3D molecule visualization and modeling software aims to achieve a wide spectrum of functions combined with near print quality interactive rendering in a platform independent solution. MarvinSpace should be useful for content providers, online publishers, public internet databases, chemoinformatians, medicinal chemists, modelers and biochemists.

InfoTechPharma, 13 - 16 March 2006