Supporting Open Innovation with Novel Software Solutions

poster · 9 years ago
by Alex Drijver, KrisztiƔn Niesz (ChemAxon)
Instant JChem
As pharma companies find themselves in an increasingly tight corner regarding pharmageddon less and less money is available for primary research. This has led to the rapid rise of Open Innovation as a means in which to refill the pipeline using the tremendous resources available in academia, start-ups and other biotech companies. These groups are dispersed around the globe, themselves running on limited financial budgets but with a proliferation of ideas and projects. Open Innovation has led to a need for Pharma companies to be able to work with external collaboration partners and assess projects. Open Innovation teams need access to up to the minute software solutions often on tight budgets. Within Open Innovation projects exist in which it is useful for scientists from different locations to collaborate with each other in a central IT environment. We present three solutions that ChemAxon is working on in support of Open Innovation. Download poster