Web Interface to Dictionary of Natural Products© at Astra Zeneca

poster · 15 years ago
by Péter Várkonyi (AstraZeneca)
JChem Cartridge

Dictionary of Natural Products (The Chapman & Hall) is a collection of chemical substances of natural sources updated twice a year. The data are catalogized, and this is the only way to retrieve information from the database. It was decided to make the database searchable and available to all researchers at the company. The data were placed in an ORACLE database including the chemical structures of the substances. The structures are converted and processed with JChem. The query interface is a web application employing the Java Server Pages (JSP) technology. The most important fields (id, full chemistry name, CAS number, molecular weight, importance, and pharmaceutical importance) and the chemical structure are selected to be searchable. The chemical structure entry is done with MarvinSketch applet in the query. The alphanumeric search is conducted in ORACLE using JDBC and the chemical structure search is using JChem. The chemical structures in the results of the query are presented with MarvinView applet. Besides the searchable fields and the chemical structure, the bibliographic references are displayed.