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Design molecules

19 05 2023
3 minutes

Creation of a Scientific Hypothesis - For optimization of drug compounds

A well-formulated hypothesis is essential to the success of the drug discovery process.

12 05 2023
3 minutes

Key Properties in Drug Design | Predicting Lipophilicity, pKa and Solubility

Discover how Chemaxon's predictive models for lipophilicity, pKa, and solubility can accurately...

29 04 2023
< 1 minute

Collaborating with CROs within the DMTA cycle

Important factors when collaborating with a CRO It is becoming increasingly popular for drug...

28 04 2023
2 minutes

Local and Global Models For Predicting Properties of Small Molecules

Which type of model has the most potential for success? The obvious answer is all models that are...

27 04 2023
3 minutes

How do predicted pKa and solubility values compare to reality?

Reality check on predicted pKa and solubility values. Chemaxon's predictions, especially molecular...

26 04 2023
2 minutes

What Structures are Claimed in Patents? - Use cases for patent literature MMP transformations

The MMP transformations from SureCHEMBL can be used in different ways to create analogues to a seed...

14 11 2022
< 1 minute

Kanban in Drug Discovery

A multi-dimensional, searchable, and interactive Kanban board can help the project team to get a...