ChemAxon in SharePoint

webinar · 10 years ago
by Attila Szabó
JChem for SharePoint

Date: Wednesday, 14th March, 2012
4.00 pm CET (GMT +01:00) (for Europe)
11.00 am EDT (GMT -04:00) (for US East coast)

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Join ChemAxon's Application Scientist, Attila Szabó, as he talks about ChemAxon's SharePoint technology. For more details please read the abstracts of the webinar below:

ChemAxon in SharePoint: boosting collaboration in chemistry R&D projects

In this webinar we would like to show what ChemAxon can provide for SharePoint. Enriching SharePoint pages such as Blogs, Discussion Boards, Wikis with structures can facilitate scientific decision making process. In addition smaller sets of chemical structures can be stored in SharePoint Custom Lists that can be further characterised and analyzed using the built-in ChemAxon property predictors. The ChemAxon Document to Structure technology enables SharePoint to search for textual or structural chemical information embedded in documents, ppts or pdfs in large document repositories. Here we also review the latest developments in JChem for SharePoint technology.

For more information on the event please contact us via email.