Naming technology

webinar · 10 years ago
by David Deng

Date: Tuesday, 13th March, 2012
4.00 pm CET (GMT +01:00) (for Europe)
11.00 am EDT (GMT -04:00) (for US East coast)

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Join ChemAxon's Application Scientist, David Deng, as he talks about ChemAxon's Naming technology. For more details please read the abstracts of the webinar below:

Naming Technology, Document Extractor, Structure Checker, KNIME,

In this session, we would like to briefly show how ChemAxon products can help analyze structures from documents to expedite the drug discovery process. We are going to demonstrate

  • How to convert chemical names to structures and vice versa
  • How to extract chemical information from documents with the naming technology
  • How to curate extracted structures with Structure Checker
  • How to streamline the process with KNIME workflow
  • an interactive interface to extract and analyze structures from documents

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