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03 09 2019
3 minutes

Accenture Expands Platform for Drug Discovery and Innovation with Creation of Life Sciences Partner Ecosystem

NEW YORK and LAS VEGAS; November 26, 2018 Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has created an open partner...

03 09 2018
2 minutes

2018 Summer Scoop Dev News

As we slide into the sunny Summer season it's time to share some of our top developments and news...

03 09 2018
2 minutes

Enamine collaborates with ChemAxon to create a convenient web-based search in immense chemical space

Kiev, Ukraine, and Budapest, Hungary - March 19, 2018 Enamine Ltd., a world’s leading chemical...

03 09 2018
2 minutes

ChemAxon Software is Integrated into ChemPass's Novel Drug Design Platform

BUDAPEST, Hungary and BOSTON, December 5, 2017/PRNewswire/-- ChemAxon and ChemPass, jointly...

03 09 2016
4 minutes

HELM integration with RDKit, and a complimentary MarvinBeans licence for all users

The Pistoia Alliance HELM project announces free MarvinBeans 5.0 licenses and integration of HELM...

03 09 2015
2 minutes

ChemAxon and BSSN Software partner to offer analytical data management in a chemical context

Budapest, Hungary & Darmstadt, Germany, June 18, 2015 - ChemAxon, a leader in providing chemistry...

03 09 2011
< 1 minute

Free Marvin Chemistry Extensions are now available in KNIME

KNIME together with its Life Science partners ChemAxon and Infocom is pleased to announce the...

03 09 2007
2 minutes

Instant JChem 2.0 released: Instant JChem Personal free for all users.

Budapest, Hungary, August 21st, 2007 - ChemAxon, a software solutions provider for cheminformatics,...