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16 01 2023
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Calculations you can trust

Chemaxon AWS Calculators and Predictors SaaS services has passed one of Hungary’s leading...

04 01 2023
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Response to CVE-2022-1471

Chemaxon's response to CVE-2022-1471 vulnerability.

16 12 2022
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Life at Chemaxon - a Hungarian video at our head office

A video about the life at Chemaxon by videoblogger Csaba Magyarósi.

14 11 2022
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Kanban in Drug Discovery

A multi-dimensional, searchable, and interactive Kanban board can help the project team to get a...

11 11 2022
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Responding to the Challenge Posed by the Generic Control of Substances

Drug monitoring organizations report that new psychoactive substances continue to emerge. To keep...

11 11 2022
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Organizing and tracking the lifecycle of novel biological modalities

An ongoing trend in the life sciences industry is the development of a diverse range of...

25 10 2022
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Response to CVE-2022-42889

Chemaxon's response to CVE-2022-42889 vulnerability.

15 10 2022
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Wendy Warr Report 2022

As Richard Jones said, “Chemaxon has a best-in-class, single research platform in the cloud for...

03 10 2022
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Calculate on the cloud

In order to increase the flexibility, access and integrability, Calculators and Predictors have...

30 08 2022
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Key Properties in Drug Design | Predicting Lipophilicity, pKa and Solubility

PhysChem properties are key descriptors in drug design Lipophilicity, pKa and solubility are key...

15 08 2022
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Stereochemistry in Compound Registration

Table of contents Flat bonds OR structure wedge types OR structure replicates Multiple OR labels...

13 07 2022
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Local and Global Models For Predicting Properties of Small Molecules

Which type of model has the most potential for success? The obvious answer is all models that are...