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03 09 2013
3 minutes

Clustering by scaffolds

This post is a tutorial to a new component in IJC, the Tree Table. Do you have some interesting use...

03 09 2012
< 1 minute

Scripting Dotmatics Vortex 3

ChemAxon's Calculator (cxcalc) is a really useful command line program in Marvin Beans and JChem...

03 09 2011
< 1 minute

Free Marvin Chemistry Extensions are now available in KNIME

KNIME together with its Life Science partners ChemAxon and Infocom is pleased to announce the...

03 09 2011
3 minutes

GSK's Helium Rises to the Top

Familiarity breeds contempt, it’s said, but not in the case of GlaxoSmithKline’s most recent tool...

03 09 2010
< 1 minute

Chemicalize for WordPress

"Having recently bigged up the Chemicalize system that lets you view any web page or chunk of text...

03 09 2007
2 minutes

Instant JChem 2.0 released: Instant JChem Personal free for all users.

Budapest, Hungary, August 21st, 2007 - ChemAxon, a software solutions provider for cheminformatics,...