2009 US UGM - Archive opens

news · 12 years ago

ChemAxon's US User Group Meeting archive is opened.

The archive includes all available presentations to download and review.

Summary from Yvonne Martin's Meeting report:
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"The meeting highlighted the extraordinary talent and hard work of the ChemAxon staff in making their software so powerful and yet so easily integrated into many different applications. In addition, it provided hints of fundamental changes that will come to end-users of cheminformatics tools. For example with ChemAxon tools embedded in workflow tools, it is much easier for computational chemists and expert users to perform a sequential variety of tasks for some purpose. However, such a workflow can be encapsulated and deployed to bench chemists.

Of course the web has changed the way that many things are done. ChemAxon has not ignored this trend and increased its presence in this area. The URL fields data type in Instant JChem supports accessing web resources within a desktop application, returning text or an image. Web browsing of the scientific literature could be transformed by functions such as seen in the prototype Chemicalize.org, which finds chemical names within a web document and shows the corresponding structure with a link to property predictions.

ChemAxon's work to integrate into SharePoint will enable full cheminformatics capabilities within Sharepoint Blogs, Wikis, and discussion boards. This clearly could transform the way that discussions within a team occur.

In short, this was an exciting meeting that showed solid progress, fruitful collaborations, easy integration of ChemAxon software and suggestions of exciting capabilities in the future."