ChemAxon Announces New CEO

news · 7 years ago
Budapest, Hungary, 8th April, 2015 - ChemAxon, a leader in providing chemistry software solutions and consulting services for life science research today announced the appointment of Ferenc Csizmadia as Chief Executive Officer. Previously Ferenc, who is also founder of ChemAxon, has been Chairman of the Board and Head of Research and Development at ChemAxon. Ferenc succeeds Alex Drijver, the company's current CEO, who leaves ChemAxon to follow a career working with scientific start-ups.
“During the last years ChemAxon has grown to be the leading chemistry platform for early stage drug discovery with 120 employees and over 500 corporate customers. Alex Drijver has been with ChemAxon for the last 7 years and has made a huge contribution in these achievements and the establishment of our market position and strategy. With the launch of new products like Plexus Suite, Marvin Live, Compliance Checker, ChemCurator and Biomolecule Toolkit we are well placed to capitalize on the growth of the last years and to continue building our business.” - said Ferenc Csizmadia, new CEO of ChemAxon. “Ferenc and I have been working closely and successfully to create strong alignment, collaboration and self-organizing teams within the company. This will ensure a seamless transition and that ChemAxon continues to progress even further.” - commented Alex Drijver, outgoing CEO of ChemAxon.
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