ChemAxon Distributes JChemExtensions worldwide

news · 11 years ago
(Infocom Corporation, KNIME)
INFOCOM Corporation, a ChemAxon Integration KNIME partner, today announced that ChemAxon has started distribution of Infocom’s “JChemExtensions for KNIME”, which allows researchers to work with chemical structure data using ChemAxon’s software tools such as Marvin, JChem, Standardizer and Calculator Plugins, on the KNIME open source workflow platform. The use of KNIME platform as a workflow solution continues to increase in drug discovery research, and so INFOCOM concluded the distribution agreement of JChemExensions with ChemAxon against non-Japanese market to more freely enable use and improve user experience. JChemExtensions is a package solution which has been built on ChemAxon's software tools, demonstrating Infocom’s experience in implementing solutions with ChemAxon technologies. For more details see this page.