ChemAxon extends MS Office suite with JChem for Office chemistry productivity

news · 7 years ago

ChemAxon announces the release of JChem for Office, a unified series of chemistry functionality available directly within the Microsoft Office suite. The release sees the most advanced chemistry functionality now available for MS Office users.

Key productivity features include; embedding live chemical structures from existing files, supporting all major common chemistry file types, sketching and editing structures on the fly - directly in the original Office documents and importing structures and their associated data directly from corporate databases.

The existing JChem for Excel product, now rolled into JChem for Office, also receives significant usability improvements and new features for working with R-Group decomposition, complex queries, corporate ID’s and SAR table generation.

JChem for Office is discussed at ChemAxon’s blog and was introduced at a free webinar.

To find out more, download JChem for Office or generate a free evaluation license, visit the JChem for Office product page