ChemAxon introduces Marvin Live for real-time web based chemistry collaboration

news · 6 years ago
Talking chemistry for a global research team

(Budapest, Hungary – January 20th, 2015) - ChemAxon today launches Marvin Live, a web based collaboration tool and meeting assistant to enable real time structure design for distributed research groups.

Marvin Live integrates ChemAxon’s Marvin JS chemistry editor, structure based calculations, web services and smart report generation, to give researchers a sharable space where they can sketch and modify chemical structures, see predicted properties or other available data on the structure and contribute through comments. The entire session can be output as a meeting report which includes all chemistry and comments in a searchable form and the meeting itself can persist and be extended in subsequent meetings as the project evolves. Marvin Live is being presented at The Molecular Medicine Tri Conference 2015, February 15th-20th in San Francisco, CA and is also introduced at a free webinar on Wednesday, February 17th at 10am EST, register at the signup page. To find out more about Marvin Live and request a demo or evaluation please visit the product page. For further information please contact:
[contact name="Alex Allardyce" position="Marketing Director" contact email="[email protected]" phone="+361 453 0435" ]