ChemAxon launches Marvin 4.0 and new visualization tool MarvinSpace

news · 16 years ago
August 17th, 2005, Budapest, Hungary: ChemAxon, a software solutions provider for life sciences, today announced the release of version 4.0 of its platform independent chemical editing and visualization suite Marvin. The release includes the launch of MarvinSpace - a new tool for 3D molecular structure visualization. Marvin is the most advanced Java based chemical editor and visualization toolkit available today. Marvin is comprised of 5 main user components; MarvinSketch for creating and editing structures, queries and reactions, MarvinView for viewing structural and non structural data, MarvinSpace for analysing acromolecule/ligand interactions, MolConverter for generating 2D/3D coordinates, converting chemical file types and generating images and Calculator Plugins a growing range of structure based calculations and predictions for properties useful in life science research. A unique feature of Marvin, as with all ChemAxon technology, is the availability of a full application programming interface (API), which combined with the technologies platform independence and web readiness makes Marvin the primary choice for developing fully configurable custom implementations for a global or browser access user base. The version 4.0 release sees many new features and improvements such as template based structure cleaning, 3D editing, lone pair support and an attached data function to annotate atoms with user defined data. 3D conformer generation is improved further giving increased coordinate accuracy. The launch of MarvinSpace extends the Marvin platform toward molecular modelling and high definition online publishing. Although at an early development stage, MarvinSpace already provides unique functionalities and high performance within a fast evolving public development. To try out MarvinSpace please visit The range of Calculator Plugins, currently including logP, logD, pKa, hydrogen bond donor/acceptor, polar surface area and partial charge is extended with the inclusion of calculations like tautomer generation and resonance forms. The topology analysis plugin is significantly improved to include many properties useful for QSAR. To try out Marvin and the full range of Calculator Plugins please visit ChemAxon actively supports education and academic research by providing free licenses for all of it's toolkits to teachers and academic researchers . To findout more please visit our forum.