ChemAxon launches the Connect module of its Plexus Suite web collaboration platform

news · 6 years ago

The door opens on the future home of ChemAxon technology

(Budapest, Hungary – January 20th, 2015) - ChemAxon introduces the Connect module of its web based collaborative discovery platform, Plexus Suite. Plexus Connect is the data connection, search, form viewing and list management functionality of the suite and bundles ChemAxon’s industry leading capabilities to reach, work and manage data anywhere on corporate or personal databases. Plexus Connect is the first of several modules to be announced in this year.

Plexus Suite is integrating ChemAxon’s ‘best of breed’ functionality within an easy to deploy, web-based platform enabling users to access, display, search and analyze scientific data. The suite will consist of different modules addressing different aspects of the discovery workflow, all having a central philosophy of simplicity and intuitive use.

We are introducing the Plexus Connect module at a free webinar on Thursday, February 5th at 10 am EST. Find out more and register at the webinar signup page. To find out more visit the Plexus Connect product page.

We will also have a free pre-release webinar of Plexus Design, a Plexus module for library enumeration and characterization on Thursday, 12th February, 10 am EST. Find out more and register at the webinar signup page.