ChemAxon Makes the Switch to Java 8

news · 4 years ago
by ChemAxon team, István Őri, Kristina Marković (ChemAxon)

We announce that ChemAxon products running on Java will now launch with the Java 8 version. We are able to improve our software and utilize the fresh features bundled with Java 8, as we update everything from functionality to compatibility. Previously our tools relied on Java 6, but as Java advances with new and improved versions, we keep up and include the best-suited one for ChemAxon’s products. It’s important to note that the change will affect users downloading future releases, so the environment will need to be switched to Java 8. From version 17.29.0, our users need to install Java 8 Runtime Environment to run ChemAxon software.

In addition, please note the Argon LTS release remains Java 6 compatible until the end of its lifetime (until end of October 2018). The switch to Java 8 means that our Pipeline Pilot Components will also require Pipeline Pilot 2017 R2 or later in future releases.

Reasons behind the decision:

  • Most of our users have already switched to Java 8 or higher - and we are keeping up!
  • Java 6 and Java 7 are no longer supported by Oracle, and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to install Java Runtime Environment prior to Java 8.
  • Java 8 is aware of the ever-changing world of computer science - therefore, it includes: OS specific improvements, encrypting algorithms, gestures, and other technical solutions for improved user experience.
  • Java 8 has proven to be more secure.
  • Many third-party libraries used by our software have switched to Java 8.

Why not Java 9?

Java 9 is in its early stage of use and significant changes were made compared to earlier versions. Transition to Java 9 would be far too complex at the moment for both our users and ChemAxon.