ChemAxon: Revolutionizing Generic Chemical Structure Searches

news · 10 years ago
by Joelle Mornini (Intellogist)
Markush search Markush enumeration
Searching for Markush structures is a difficult task, and professional searchers need training and experience to search competently for Markush structures in the MMS database. Markush structures originate in patent claims (Markush claims) for generic chemical compounds, and a single Markush structure could correspond to thousands of different specific chemical structures (enumerations). The Merged Markush Service (MMS) was created in 1998, after the merger of two generic structure databases owned by Thomson Derwent and the French Patent Office (INPI). Until recently, the MMS file was only accessible via the Questel Imagination platform or the STN Express platform, and both platforms require command line searching in order to draw, search, and display structures. The chemical drawing tool Topfrag is available through Questel, but this program must be purchased. Read the whole article on the Intellogist blog!