Cheminformatics boosters: ChemAxon's partnership with IDBS

news · 5 years ago
by János Fejérvári

ChemAxon, almost 2 decades ago, started as a toolkit company. We created easily integrable software that supports a wide range of technological environment and chemical format, while keeping it scientifically accurate. This business scope is changing lately. We started to focus on web-based applications providing an end-to-end solution for scientific workflows. Yet, partnering plays an important role in ChemAxon's strategy. We believe that combining industry knowledge is able to push R&D forward, and that we can create an ‘out of the box’ solution reducing the burden on customer IT groups. Currently we have more than 100 partners worldwide, who have integrated ChemAxon technology.

Our cooperation with IDBS stands out of our partner program, and we trust that users will see major benefit from it. IDBS have integrated a number of ChemAxon technologies into the E-WorkBook platform at various points. IDBS decided to partner and integrate our technology because they considered ChemAxon as a renowned providers of chemistry tools and applications. This happened despite the fact that IDBS have a long history of developing a cheminformatics platform called ChemIQ. Also many users of IDBS were familiar with our tools and technology, and their feedback was really positive about a deeper partnership.

The redesign of the E-WorkBook interface gave both companies another opportunity to reassess the usability and user experience of the chemistry solutions. We have joined each other's chemistry forums and user meetings where we gather feedback on design ideas and capabilities that are directly applicable to chemistry workflows. This has given both IDBS and ChemAxon greater insights into the opportunities to better support chemists and to understand the complex integration landscapes that exist in modern biotechs, pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

The latest IDBS platform release, EWB 10.1.2, has many new capabilities to support chemistry workflows including advanced chemistry searching (based on ChemAxon’s JChem Cartridge), reactions drawing (based on our latest Marvin JS) stoichiometry design, inventory lookup and registration to third party registration systems – one of which is our Compound Registration solution.

If you are interested where this strategic partnership is standing now check out IDBS' presentation on stoichiometry integration, or the short overlook of our cooperation. You can also look at IDBS' Chemistry pages and ask for a demo.