DeltaSoft's ChemCart to Support ChemAxon's JChem Chemistry Cartridge.

news · 15 years ago

DeltaSoft, Inc. has announced that the latest release of ChemCart, version 3.4, now supports ChemAxon’s JChem Cartridge. ChemCart is an out-of-the-box front end for chemical and non chemical transactions with a variety of databases. The integration of ChemCart with the JChem Cartridge further expands the diversity of environments and enterprise functionality available to discovery R&D.

The ChemCart web application provides access to chemical structures / reactions, data, images, and files stored across corporate databases. Scientists can search, browse, update, and share information through a configurable forms interface. ChemCart can be used in registration, chemical reagent & sample inventory, electronic laboratory notebook, biology test results, and chemical structure / activity applications.

ChemAxon’s JChem Cartridge is a Java based, API toolkit which adds chemical knowledge to the Oracle platform. Data can be searched by structure, substructure and similarity criteria and can be used in other powerful functions, such as structure based calculation and structure transformation, directly from Oracle's native SQL language.

“ChemCart allows companies to choose the chemistry engine that works best for them. We look forward to offering the additional choice and options provided by ChemAxon’s JChem Cartridge,” said Mike Dippolito, President of DeltaSoft.

“We are very happy to see this implementation; this will give our clients added flexibility to tune and improve their informatics platform without upsetting day to day research,” commented Ferenc Csizmadia, CEO of ChemAxon.