GlaxoSmithKline wins 8th Real IT Awards in Partnership with ChemAxon

news · 10 years ago

Judges Comments: "There was nothing between these two entries and so, for the first time in Real IT Awards history, we have declared them joint winners. They are both examples of first class partnership."

Diseases of the Developing World

Winner in the Partnership group, overall runner up.

Employees in the Research and Development aligned innovation group (R&D IT Lite) identified the opportunity to securely connect GSK scientists with external scientists anywhere in the world who are researching the same topics. It required a solution that allowed access to users outside of the GSK internal network regardless of location and device, but without exposing GSK proprietary data. Partnering with ChemAxon, an existing supplier of scientific software, who contributed data handling expertise, the R&D Lite team provided the know-how for cloud based solutions. The solution involved building a complete SaaS model using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Citrix XenApp. Lengthy contractual negotiations were overcome by applying the R&D Lite team's 'agile' philosophy. This engagement model has had an impact on the way GSK runs projects and engages external partners. The result was a system that was set-up quickly, is simple to access and gives visibility of key data to researchers wherever they are working in the world. This helps those involved to more rapidly and collaboratively fight some of the world's most neglected diseases, such as Malaria which kills 800,000 people a year.

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