Instant JChem 2.4 released

news · 12 years ago

Instant JChem 2.4 has just been launched. This release brings a large number of usability improvements as well as further enhancing Instant JChem's scalability and integration within enterprise platforms by adding support for the JChem Cartridge for Oracle.
Support for the cartridge allows;

  • searching performed by cartridge reduces memory utilization on IJC client allowing larger databases to be searched
  • simplifies migration from other architectures such as ISIS or Daylight
  • simplifies access of IJC data from other applications using SQL
  • allows access to data already in JChem cartridge from IJC

For version 3 (Q1 2009) we will be bringing a 3 tier architecture further enhancing scalability and integration. This will lead to the ability to develop web applications and web services around the Instant JChem architecture.

For more details of the upgrade please see the History of Changes. To download or run using Java Web Start see this page