Japanese Chemical Name Support Has Arrived

news · 7 years ago
by David Deng
日本語の化学名に対応しました Hello Everyone,

You probably know that ChemAxon’s Name to Structure (N2S) can recognize both English and Chinese names. (If you didn’t know about our Chinese Name to structure (CN2S), look here.) Why do we support both languages? Because Chinese and English patents are No. 1 and 2 in the world. The figure below shows the number of patents filed at the top 5 patent offices from 1980-2012.


ChemAxon’s Chemistry Text Mining Suite can extract chemical information from either a single document (including chemical patents), batches or an entire archive. Since it’s powered by N2S, scientists can now see structures from both English and Chinese patents.

But what about Japanese patents? As you can see from the figure, Japan is the next most active country, presenting a substantial amount of scientific studies which should not be neglected. That’s why for the past year, we have been secretly working on JN2S, Japanese Name to Structure conversion, to help text mining in Japanese scientific literature. We are happy to announce that it is finally ready to be released, along with our other new products in 6.3. Here is a little demo:

Of course we did various tests of JN2S with Japanese chemical names. The result was very promising. For one test of 45,000 Japanese names, JN2S was able to recognize 85% of them with an accuracy of 97%.

If you’d like to try our tool for chemistry text mining in any of the three languages, you need to download and install version 6.3 (or newer) of Naming. Then ask our sales team for an evaluation license if your current license does not cover it.

Now that we have three languages down, what should we work on next? Korean, German, or French? Let us know. Please email any comments to [email protected]

Thanks, 谢谢, and ありがとう.