Java updates, security certificates and Marvin in your browser

news · 7 years ago
by Alex Allardyce

Why does my computer think Marvin is now malicious? What has happened and what can I do to get Marvin back and working well? Maybe you have updated your Java with the latest (2013.10.21) version (Java 1.7.0_u45) and then when you open Marvin a warning has popped up, like this,

What to Do?

Don’t panic! Marvin has not changed nor has ChemAxon’s website become a security concern, this warning is caused by new behavior in Java when Applets need to speak to web pages and practically requires refreshing of security certification and while this is painful (both for you and us) it is a good thing in making your machine and browsing experience more secure.

So, what to do?

We have created a new version of Marvin with refreshed certification. You can download the just launched version, currently (2013.10.21) v 6.1.2, see the Marvin download page here.

What if I am tied to an earlier version of Marvin?

We will need to issue a resigned edition of your Marvin version. Let us know and we can arrange a custom build.

How to make this problem go away more permanently?

We are not over the moon with this situation either, we need to track and make high speed changes to our software, site admins need to field questions and then update versions and, of course, users can’t do what they want to do and get messages scaring them and reducing the experience of the site visited….

We released Marvin for JavaScript (JS) earlier this year as an alternative, light, Java-free editor good for desktop and tablets and while not all features of MarvinSketch Applet are available in Marvin JS, for a structure search interface most all of what you need is there. Have a try out Marvin JS here, for site admins there are some docs and API links here. If you are not seeing a crucial feature you need, let us know and we can refine our priorities.

Happy drawing!