JChem ChemAxon: This is Your Brain on Drug Design

news · 9 years ago
by Greg Bates (Programmable Web)
Instant JChem
What if you're in biotech designing a drug for a pharmaceutical company and need a little help with the chemistry–or a lot? ChemAxon advances the development of cheminformatic, deploying their JChem APIs to allow developers to build access to their tools, on any Java server environment. ChemAxon may be on the cutting edge of applications for structure visualization and management, property prediction, virtual synthesis, screening and drug design, but they rely on strictly tried-and-true methods when it comes to customer service, according to Prof. Robert B Grossman, University of Kentucky, “Ace Organic’s successful implementation is due in substantial part to ChemAxon’s enthusiastic cooperation. In fact, I have been astounded by the high level of customer service provided by ChemAxon. My needs as an academic are quite different from those of the larger, paying customer base of most software companies, so I find that many companies are unwilling to entertain my suggestions for new features, and even bug reports are met with stony silence and a long fix-time. Not so ChemAxon! Every time I find a minor bug or suggest a new feature, ChemAxon jumps right on it, fixing bugs within a few days and adding new features, even major ones, within a few weeks. It has been an absolute delight to work with this group of professionals who truly care about their users and the product they are creating.” The API provides a range of services, from Atom-by-Atom Search to Data Manipulation, from Chemical Terms to Molecular Conversion, among many others. Read the post on Programmable Web