JChem for Office a new way to analyze, report and share live chemical data in an "old" and well-known environment

news · 7 years ago
The new JChem for Office plugin from ChemAxon expands on our support for Excel to bring unified chemistry functions to the entire MS Office suite (Excel, Word PowerPoint and Outlook). Key productivity features include; embedding live chemical structures from existing files, supporting all known common file types, sketching and editing structures on the fly directly in the original Office documents and also importing structures and their associated data directly from your corporate databases. Expanding chemistry support across the MS Office suite brings several advantages: - decrease structure sketch errors and data transcription - report generation speed–up using already built in templates and layouts in MS Office - easy collaboration with colleagues, partners and collaborators The JChem for Office core application, JChem for Excel, sees major new features to speed up and simplify their work: • basic search opions category to define more sophisticated queries • simplified options for creating and working with R-group decomposition • new ribbon menu improvements for chemists and medicinal chemists • new descriptions and on-line help for JC4XL functions • ability to copy/paste corporate IDs • a new one-click SAR-table generation (Figure 1)

One click SAR table generation in JChem for Excel

Figure 1. One click SAR table generation in JChem for Excel

The unified functions across Word, PowerPoint and Outlook bring in live chemistry structures by allowing you to: - add/edit structures - open structures from existing files - convert text (SMILES, InChi, SMARTS, IUPAC Name and CAS number) to structures - convert structures to SMILE strings - calculate properties and fragments, filter data, perform chemical searches - copy-paste structures and data between MS Office applications (Figure 2)

Easy copy-paste data between Excel and Word.

Figure 2. Easy copy-paste data between Excel and Word. Note: The structures pasted in Word are live structures.

For more info, register to our upcoming webinar (Thursday October 24th, 4:00 pm CEST / 7:00 am PDT / 10:00 am EDT / 2:00 pm GMT / 7:30 pm IST) or contact us directly for a demo.