KineMatik and ChemAxon announce strategic partnership and successful implementation of cheminformatics capabilities into eNovator.

news · 16 years ago
September 1st, 2005. San Diego (CA) & Cork, Ireland and Budapest, Hungary. KineMatik Ltd. and ChemAxon Ltd, announce a new strategic partnership under which ChemAxon's Java based chemistry components have been implemented within KineMatik's flagship product, eNovator. KineMatik's eNovator is a web based Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) integrated with a Project & Portfolio Management system and is used within life science and other industries. With the integration of ChemAxon's JChem Cartridge for Oracle and Marvin toolkits, eNovator is able to store, edit, search and retrieve chemical structures and reactions within the ELN and Sample Tracking Module. "The performance, quality of support and full API made ChemAxon a natural choice to bring chemical awareness to the eNovator system" said Tom Cassidy, Kinematik's CEO. "As the capabilities and scope of eNovator evolve we are well positioned to roll out ChemAxon's advanced chemical capabilities to maintain the relevance of eNovator to everyday research." "We are very happy to work with KineMatik in this fast moving knowledge area. The implementation moved smoothly and quickly and I am sure users will enjoy the seamless integration of ChemAxon's cheminformatics capabilities within the eNovator system" said Gyorgy Pirok, CTO of ChemAxon. About KineMatik: KineMatik is the provider of the Collaborative eR&D (CeR&D) solution, eNovator. Collaborative eR&D is an integration framework which seamlessly links all elements of R&D activity in a unified and integrated manner. eNovator is a web-based, integrated Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and Portfolio & Program Management system. eNovator increases a researcher's ability to anticipate experimental outcomes, interpret experimental data and build their fundamental knowledge base while aiding them in the thought process involved in designing experiments. eNovator offers managers a unique level of visibility into the research pipeline, allowing them to look at ongoing projects and comparatively assess them against each other, in terms of likelihood of technical / market success, such that researchers are always working on the most valuable projects in the pipeline. KineMatik's vision is to be the world leader in CeR&D solutions for research organizations.