Marvin for JavaScript 0.8 released. Try it!

news · 9 years ago
by Eufrozina Hoffmann

New features


Abbreviated group handling

  • A large set of predefined abbreviated groups are now available and can be integrated into chemical structures in expanded and contracted form, making structure drawing faster and more effective.
  • Custom buttons can be assigned to invoke your own JavaScript functions. Code example

Query features:

Enhanced stereo notations, setting Absolute setero (Chiral) flag, Atom Lists/NOT Lists and and R-group labels are supported.

Import and export:

  • Most popular chemical file formats (e.g., SMILES, InChi, Name, molV3000) 'via' server connection are now supported.
  • Structures can be converted to image from the API. Image edit examples.

Visit the User's Manual. Check the API. Implementation examples and Web Service integration examples for developers.

What's coming up

Next development cycles are focusing on a touch interface.

Check out the program for the EUGM, we will be presenting Marvin JS and the Version 6 of Marvin Applet/Beans - which see major usability improvements. Join us

Interested in your experience and feedback.