Marvin for JavaScript released

news · 9 years ago
by Eufrozina Hoffmann
This live JavaScript implementation is a light-weight chemical editor suitable for generating basic chemical structures and queries on modern web browser pages without installing Java. Further milestones will include a touch enabled version (Q1-2 2013) good for tablet and smartphone use with more features coming based on user demand. The general architecture of the JavaScript implementation makes most frequently used features available on the client with heavyweight functions (like 2D clean, etc.) being performed on the server. This division of labour means fast load times for the user (this Beta is 161KB zipped) without sacrificing advanced functionality users expect. Chemistry features in version 0.7. (User Guide)
  • Basic drawing and displaying features
  • Atom properties
  • Query atoms and bonds
  • Basic Templates
  • Valance check
  • Import/Export (Mol, Mrv included, other formats can be added.)
  • Stereo bonds
  • Basic Server Side Calculations (2D clean)
Technical features - API
  • Undo-redo
  • Scrolling and moving around in the canvas
  • Basic keyboard shortcuts
  • Public API
  • Download size161 KB
[cta_button role="primary" size="medium" action="download" title="Download Marvin for JavaScript" url="/download/marvin/for-javascript/"]
Marvin for JavaScript can be extended with server side logic. It is bundled with a lightweight Clean 2D Webservice that you can install optionally. The bundled webservice can be replaced with the user’s own implementation without causing any problem in the usage. Whats coming soon - Keep an eye out for these features over the next couple of months.
  • Abbreviated Groups,
  • Displaying stereo (R/S; E/Z)
  • Enhanced stereo editing/displaying
  • Atomlist/Not list
  • Link nodes
Note for web site admins
Marvin for JavaScript, like MarvinSketch/View and our chemical IT platform toolkit is free for non-commercial & no login websites, under our FreeWeb package.
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