Marvin & JChem 5.2 released

news · 12 years ago

5.2 JChem & Marvin has been released. Instant JChem 2.4.3 (includin the 5.2 JChem) is also made available.

New product: Metabolizer. Predicting all and major metabolites as well as metabolic stability.

New add-on: Web Services Server for Web services integration (info).

New Calculation Plugins: Flexible 3D alignment for multiple molecules, structural framework calculation including Bemis-Murcko.

New features selection
: True transparent structure painting, Chemical Terms editor support, homology group drawing. Marvin history of changes

JChem: New .NET API, Repeating units and homology groups query support, substructure and full fragment searches are 2x faster, new AJAX search implementation/code example, polymer search and storage improved support. JChem history of changes