Marvin JS 6.3 - delighting educators - pre-release teaser

news · 8 years ago
by Eufrozina Hoffmann
A year ago CXN released Marvin JS as a new member of the Marvin family and since then we have been focusing on filling out the features to let web site admins migrate across from the Applet to the JavaScript technology and release the user from needing to have Java. Recently, we have been working on features particularly relevant to educators, the bulk of which are going to be available in the 6.3 release and many of them are around defining electron flow arrows. We made a video to show these and also show how they work. It is worth to note that this is an entirely different approach than that used for Marvin Sketch (menu's and right mouse options) which I think is more intuitive and gives an interface that is truly suitable for tablet environments. At the EUGM in May I will be covering these developments (and many more ;-) like reaction support) and where Marvin JS is going, Janos Papdeak, our GUI developer, will be talking about UX, usability and the choices and made in the development.