Riken Institute adopts ChemAxon Instant JChem for RIKEN Program for Drug Discovery and Medical Technology Platforms project chemical data management

news · 11 years ago
Yokohama, Japan and Budapest, Hungary, RIKEN and ChemAxon, a leading provider of cheminformatics software for the life sciences industry, announce the licensing of ChemAxon's Instant JChem for the Drug Discovery Computational Chemistry Platform Unit (SSBC) at RIKEN. The software is to be used to support registration processes and for data distribution and analysis. Instant JChem is a desktop application for scientists to manage and work with chemical structures and other data on local or remote databases, it includes many of ChemAxon's JChem enterprise cheminformatics capabilities and can be integrated with other technologies and data sources. "We are honored to work with such a prestigious organization in a key drug discovery activity." Said Alex Drijver, CEO of ChemAxon. "We are happy the ChemAxon functionality continues to emerge in Japan, RIKEN choosing Instant JChem underlines the relevance of ChemAxon to state of the art discovery research globally." Added Fumiaki Aruga, COO of Patcore, ChemAxon's exclusive commercial agent in Japan. About RIKEN The mission of RIKEN is to conduct comprehensive research in science and technology (excluding only the humanities and social sciences) as provided for under the "RIKEN Law," and to publicly disseminate the results of its scientific research and technological developments. RIKEN carries out high level experimental and research work in a wide range of fields, including physics, chemistry, medical science, biology, and engineering, covering the entire range from basic research to practical application.
RIKEN was first organized in 1917 as a private research foundation, and reorganized in 2003 as an independent administrative institution under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. About RIKEN Program for Drug Discovery and Medical Technology Platforms The mission of the RIKEN Program for Drug Discovery and Medical Technology Platforms is to provide pharmaceutical and medical technology companies with platforms that will optimize the application of basic research seeds in drug discovery processes and medical technology innovation. Specifically, this involves forging alliances with private industry so that drug discovery platform units within RIKEN and outside networks can make optimum use of these seeds to lead to new advances in drug discovery and medical technology. About ChemAxon ChemAxon is a leader in providing cheminformatics software development platforms and applications for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. With core capabilities for structure visualization, search and management, property prediction, virtual synthesis, screening and drug design, ChemAxon focuses upon active interaction with users and software portability to create powerful, cost effective cross platform solutions and programming interfaces to power modern cheminformatics and chemical communication. About Patcore Patcore Inc. is a Japan based informatics services company for life science research. The company provides cheminformatics products and services to enable its customers to accelerate their research and discover new products faster. With extensive knowledge of informatics strategy and research processes, Patcore facilitates better decision making for pharma, biotech, agrochemical, and chemical researchers.