Schrödinger Licenses Technologies from ChemAxon

news · 10 years ago

NEW YORK, NY and BUDAPEST, HUNGARY (May 13, 2011) – Schrödinger and ChemAxon jointly announced today that the two companies have entered into an agreement to embed ChemAxon’s technologies in Schrödinger’s Seurat application. Seurat is a leading enterprise informatics platform that facilitates data analysis, sharing, and management among all members of a drug discovery team. Says Schrödinger’s President, Dr. Ramy Farid, “The Seurat development team has had a long and mutually beneficial relationship with ChemAxon, and we look forward to continuing that successful collaboration as well as pursuing future partnership opportunities.” Schrödinger acquired Seurat and its entire development team in December 2010.

According to ChemAxon’s CEO, Alex Drijver, ”Schrödinger has an excellent reputation as the scientific leader in drug discovery software, and we’re very happy to be working with them.” The licensing agreement brings together two best-in-class companies with complementary strengths. Schrödinger’s Farid adds, “ChemAxon is well known as a premier provider of chemical software development tools, and we believe that by working together with ChemAxon, we can accelerate our product development and deliver the highest-quality solutions to our users.”

About Schrödinger

Schrödinger is a scientific leader in developing state-of-the-art chemical simulation software for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research. The Company provides products ranging from general molecular modeling programs to a full-featured suite of drug design software using both ligand- and structure-based methods. The predictive power of Schrödinger's software allows scientists to accelerate their research and development activities, reduce research costs, and make novel discoveries that might not be possible otherwise. Most recently, Schrödinger acquired the Seurat platform to add enterprise-wide data sharing and visualization to its complete offerings. Schrödinger operates from locations in New York, Oregon, California, Massachusetts, Maryland, Germany, and the UK. For more information, please visit

About ChemAxon

ChemAxon is a leader in providing cheminformatics software development platforms and applications for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. With core capabilities for structure visualization, search and management, property prediction, virtual synthesis, screening and drug design, ChemAxon focuses upon active interaction with users and software portability to create powerful, cost effective cross platform solutions and programming interfaces to power modern cheminformatics and chemical communication.