Changes in the way we are releasing our software - faster and with a different sequence numbering

news · 7 years ago
by Ferenc Csizmadia
We are changing our release policy from July 8th from one of major releases every 4 months to a frequent release system whereby new releases will come out every week or so. Details of the plan: 1) The next major release will happen on or around July 8th 2) From then on, we will make a new release every week which will include both new features and bugfixes. 3) Hotfix releasing will be discontinued since hotfixes will be added to the frequent feature releases. Because of this it might sometimes happen that a release will only include bug fixes. 4) To make it easier to follow which version we are on, the version numbering will be date based in the format For example 14.7.7 for the release of a build on July 7th 2014 Why are we doing this? a) To make our customers and users happier by delivering software that is more appropriate for them and at a higher quality. Frequent releases provide faster feedback from users about their requirements for new features, as well as letting us know any problems or bugs. The faster this cycle is the faster the software evolves. b) To make our users happier by delivering the software faster. Most of our customers will not want to or be able to upgrade to all of the new releases. That is fine, they don't have to and the accumulated new features will always be in the then latest version so it is possible to catch up at any time. However, many users like to have the latest features as soon as they come out and now these will be available continuously. We hope you will enjoy the benefits of the new frequent release programme at ChemAxon and will continue to let us have your feedback. Ferenc Csizmadia (Csizi) Head of R&D