The Edge and ChemAxon collaborate to add chemistry to their Morphit spreadsheet technology.

news · 12 years ago
Morphit - the high productivity spreadsheet for pharmaceutical research is enhanced by the addition of a chemistry plug-in allowing chemistry data to be captured and analysed with ChemAxon’s JChem and Marvin technology GUILDFORD, United Kingdom, BUDAPEST, Hungary January 18th 2010 - The Edge Software Consultancy Ltd, a leading provider of biological data management and Electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) systems, and ChemAxon, a software solutions provider for cheminformatics, today announced the addition of a new chemistry plug-in to Morphit, a new spreadsheet technology. Morphit addresses many of the common issues with traditional spreadsheets allowing scientists to capture and analyse data from a broad range of disciplines. Morphit spreadsheets can be specialised with additional plug-ins to deal with many scientific areas such as Formulations, Screening, Preclinical safety testing and Pharmacokinetics. Additional tools for curve fitting, statistical analysis and now visualisation of chemical structures can be utilised directly within the spreadsheet. The chemistry plug-in gives scientists the ability to capture and manipulate chemical information within the Morphit spreadsheet environment. This is the first of a series of plug-ins to the new spreadsheet technology in support of scientific research. The Chemistry plug-in is powered by ChemAxon’s JChem cheminformatics toolkit and can be used in combination with the curve fitting plug-in to address the needs of drug discovery scientists for primary and dose response screening. Resulting IC50 values can be uploaded into corporate databases ready for SAR analysis. "ChemAxon technology is well suited to extending the capabilities of modern software products like Morphit" said Alex Drijver, CEO at ChemAxon. "We are excited to be involved with innovative products like this, and to add the Edge to the already broad range of companies who have ChemAxon as their first choice for chemistry functionality. Morphit has evolved from the classic spreadsheet paradigm, making it accessible to users familiar with traditional spreadsheets whilst offering many new and exciting possibilities for capturing and analysing data. Why not try Morphit today by downloading the free 30 day trial version Morphit delivers productivity increases to many scientists whether used standalone or in combination with an enterprise electronic laboratory notebooks such as the BioRails ELN. "The greatest business challenge for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies is how to raise the productivity of scientists without stifling innovation.", said Dr Andrew Lemon, CEO at The Edge. "Morphit addresses this need head on empowering scientists to capture, analyse and make decisions on their data." The Edge Software consultancy is a multidisciplinary consulting and software company based on Guildford, UK. They specialise in software and services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. ChemAxon is a leader in providing cheminformatics software development platforms and applications for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. With core capabilities for structure visualization, search and management, property prediction, virtual synthesis, screening and drug design, ChemAxon focuses upon active interaction with users and software portability to create powerful, cost effective cross platform solutions and programming interfaces to power modern cheminformatics and chemical communication. For more information please visit Read more