We introduce Long-Term Support (LTS) Releases

news · 4 years ago
by Péter Kovács, István Bágyi, János Fejérvári, András Bakonyi, Kristina Marković (ChemAxon)

Driven by substantial market demand, ChemAxon is pleased to announce its renewed release strategy that includes the publication of long-term support (LTS) releases for software products.

For the past several years, ChemAxon has been providing seamless upgrades for clients and customers by publishing new features and bugfixes weekly in the Frequent Releases of its proprietary software. Certain corporations, however, prefer less frequent updates due to their size, organization structure, or complex deployment and evaluation process. To support these clients, from now on, ChemAxon also publishes LTS Releases, for which long-term support and bugfixes are provided, but no new features are introduced.

Two LTS Releases are scheduled to be published annually (in March and in September). These releases will be made available, just like the Frequent Releases, for all ChemAxon clients and customers that have valid licenses for the particular ChemAxon software (without any extra fee or cost). For each LTS Release, ChemAxon will provide support for at least one year. During this period, critical bugs will be fixed, but no new features are introduced and existing features are not removed.

If you are curious about more details, please refer to the full documentation of LTS Releases.