What's with the new site!

news · 8 years ago
by Alex Allardyce
Now you just figured out the old site, so welcome to version 3 of ChemAxon’s website. wayback

Images for chemaxon.com from 1998 and 2006 via the Wayback Machine at http://web.archive.org

We wanted to refresh the site and focused on trying to solve some usability problems as well as fix some things that have been bugging us since version 1, we hope we have. Main changes on the site are around deploying to mobile users, updating the style and fixing a few key pages to make them more useful. Most all pages have had some inconsistencies ironed out and we think the experience is better, but we leave the blog comments on for you to decide…


Major changes:
  • Index page becomes more of a window into what’s happening at ChemAxon and more links are added so we can deprecate the left hand navigation
  • Download pages are revamped to identify what products are included in what downloadable, also all the options and related resources in each download page.
  • Documentation section is rolled into a new global “Resources” section and all support docs are grouped and listed according to product, new filtering tools have been added. All document links are duplicated to each product to make easier to find.
  • Additional detail is also added to all product pages to outline where they are relevant what they are.
  • Library is refreshed, more usable and is used to provide content to more relevant pages
  • New ‘Services’ section is added as we have added these services recently and they needed a home


What’s next?

I expect we will have some tuning to do with the current site now it is live but we want to work on a support center and improving the overall shape of the products – I think we have so many support resources and products it can be overwhelming for someone coming to ChemAxon for the first time. Do you agree with where we are going? Tell us below


A useful website is never finished and we are not you so tell us about your experience and we can improve things. Of course if you find errors or bugs lets us know below or email [email protected].