Wiley InterScience Launches Organic Syntheses Database. ChemAxon implementation for Apple users featured in announcement. Source: Wiley.

news · 18 years ago
Hoboken, NJ, March 20, 2003 - Wiley InterScience today announced the launch of Organic Syntheses, a comprehensive database that combines all the 79 volumes of the indispensable Organic Syntheses series into one seamlessly integrated online database, searchable by the complete full text, as well as by reactions, structures and substructures. "The Organic Syntheses database will be an invaluable tool to the working chemist offering a richer, faster and more efficient way to search and retrieve essential, authenticated reaction data," says Dr. Darla Henderson, Senior Editor, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. With 2400 articles and over 6000 independently tested and proven reactions, the Organic Syntheses database offers a resource unrivalled in depth, breadth, validity and convenience. "Not only is the scope of the online content remarkable - covering all print volumes from 1920 to present - the validation process is without equal," says Dr. Henderson. "Each protocol undergoes rigorous testing and validating at all stages prior to publication and includes detailed experimental descriptions for the preparation, purification and identification of each compound, together with advice about apparatus, analytical methods, safe lab procedures, and waste disposal. The Organic Syntheses database contains reactions that really work and can readily be duplicated by the chemist in his/her laboratory setting." The database also provides chemists with a compendium of new or newly optimized experimental procedures which lead to substantial amounts of useful compounds, or that illustrate important new developments in methodology. Robert Coates, President of the Organic Syntheses Inc, says the Corporation is impressed with the new product which, he says, will be a primary entry point for access to tested experimental procedures and data for organic research labs on the web. "Working chemists need fast, reliable information that they can depend on, and the Organic Syntheses database clearly delivers this. It will help to increase the efficiency of the organic chemist’s research process – which is very important in providing a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced research". Advanced structure search methods power the new database. Ms. Eileen Dolan, Vice President, Wiley InterScience, says, "a lot of work and sophisticated technology lies behind Organic Syntheses’ search tools. Search technology powered by Accelrys means Windows users can search by structure and import files from commonly used chemical drawing packages. The inclusion of ChemAxon’s Marvin structure viewer and drawing package allows MAC users this same, sophisticated search functionality. Being able to search the database by structure as well by text, and toggle between reaction and article views is a considerable time-saving device for the research process." The database also includes reference linking through CrossRef and Chemport to provide chemists with instant pathways to related third-party content.